Wildlife and eco tourism in Wayanad

Wildlife and eco tourism in Wayanad is by far rich in rare species of flora and fauna. It is prime portion of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. The reserve also holds a lot of lot of historical importance as this is where the great king Pazhassi Raja fought against the British bravely. Spreading across four ranges – Sultan Bathery, Muthanga, Tholpetty and Kurichiat Wayanad wildlife sanctuary has a vast spread of approximately 345 square kilometer.  The Sanctuary is rich with it flora and fauna inhabitants along with its bio geographical richness.  At Wayanad wildlife sanctuary you can catch a glimpse of the Asiatic elephants that high in numbers here along with other rare species of animals.

Wildlife and eco tourism in Wayanad is by far rich in rare species of flora and fauna. It is prime portion of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve

Wayanad Wildlife sanctuaries unique eco system that’s rich in wildlife and serves as hoe for several migratory birds and animals is what drives tourism officials to promote eco-tourism in the region. Eco tour of the sanctuary not just acquaints tourists with the inhabitants of the reserve but also helps generate revenue that goes towards economic development of the locals who carry out the tourism tasks and partly towards the maintenance of the forest.

Wildlife tour packages in Wayanad

You can avail different packages to enjoy the tour of wildlife in Wayanad. Some of the common inclusions in the packages are

  • Greeting with a welcome drink
  • Provision of luncheon veg and non-veg in the outdoor gazebo
  • Comfortable stay in the farm, savor the sounds and melody of singing birds and roaring animals and sink in the natural meadows of the sanctuary
  • A hot cup of beverage in the evening
  • A spread of dinner in the jungle
  • Semi open jeep safari
  • Jungle awareness trek with guide assistance
  • Jungle tour
  • Tribal tour
    • Enjoy the tribal folklore
    • Study the tribal lifestyle- culture, tradition, food, dwelling, etc.

Eco tour programs in Wayanad wild life sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad offer you some spectacular eco tours that will not just excite and entertain you but also give you the rush of adrenaline from all the adventure you  will undergo during the tour. Some of the programs you can be part of are

Eco tourism in Wayanad

  • An exciting Jeep safari for those crazy about wilderness drives or four wheel drives in Muthanga and Tholpetty can be enjoyed
  • Trekking arrangements based on the hours you choose 2, 4 or 6 the trek trail will be set for you to commence your trek
  • Nature walks
  • For nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, the wee hours of early morning approximately 7:00am to 10:00am is all set to catch a glimpse of rare and migratory birds.
  • The rich load of rare plants has led to the formation of a medicinal plant center and a visit to the same is included in the programs
  • Accommodation facilities have been made extremely exciting
    • Watch tower stays have been facilitated
    • Paid nature camps in muthanga are included
    • An entertaining folklore by the tribal of Muthanga is arranged for your entertainment
  • Visit to the elephant camp at Muthanga
    • You can watch the elephant caretaker bath the elephant; feed them and all the care they bestow towards the miniature mammoth.
Wayanad wildlife sanctuary offers you eco tour with a difference. From touring inside the reserve, staying in the wildlife resort to savoring the attractions of the sanctuary like the waterfalls, Island etc.make eco-tourism in Wayanad exciting and exhilarating