Wayanads farm and eco tourism

Farm tourism goes hand in hand with eco-tourism however there remains a difference in the two. Eco tourism includes a lot of manmade or artificially created landscapes and on the other hand farm tourism is showcasing the original spread of nature’s greenery, water and mountains in its pristine form. Hence artificially created ponds and landscapes as opposed to natural meadows, fields and lakes differentiate

Eco and farm tourism.

Seven spring farm resort- Deluxe room

Wayanad is a prime destination where you can savor nature in its true form. Farm tourism in Wayanad will take you to world of absolute fantasy. With the busy schedule of your daily life, the hustle and bustle of city life, the noise and screams of the urban and sub urban cities, the towering buildings and artificial lights have consumed life of present day civilization to such an extent that barely does anyone know how simple peaceful yet beautiful life away from all this maddening can be.

Organic Farming in Wayanad

Wayanad has a vast natural spread of everything- never ending meadows with little stream of water trickling down your rugged road, the waterfalls, the majestic mountains, the forest thickets,  the undisturbed resort so on and so forth make Wayanad a tourist destination with a difference. AdditionallyWayanad also attracts tourists to visit its farms. You will be surprised to learn the farms in Wayanad are free or near to zero in use of chemicals.  Chemical farming is prohibited to ensure the natural cycle of life remains undisturbed.  Can you ask for more from a place that already has so much to offer? So when you visit Wayanad on a farm tour you can even buy organic produce with the assurance that they are organic and not just name sake products that claim to be organic items.

Organic farming has certainly increased the likings of not just tourists but merchants and businessmen too thereby contributing and increasing both tourism and economy of the region.

What to expect

It is a known fact that Kerala survives on agriculture however most often tourists leave Kerala without visiting its villages and witnessing its lifestyle. Hence well laid schedules for you to take part in several activities in the rural tour which otherwise is the daily routine and chores of the villager have been put in place to provide you with a list of activities to participate in.

  • A stay in the farm is arranged
  • You are invited to take part in rice planting, rubber tapping,
  • A tour of coffee plantations, tea estates, cardamom and spice plantations is arranged
  • Feeding of farm animals is shown and you can participate too. This also includes pets like horse and dogs
  • You can get a hands on experience on stock checks methods in these rural farms, even check their inventory
  • Checks and inspections of the water hoses and fences in the wee hours of early morning are conducted. This activity is optional as it requires an early morning wake up when the weather is extremely chilly.
  • Caravans and camping’s are the means of accommodations, mostly done around a camp fire.

Your benefits from farm tourism

Times have changed and everyone craves for everything that’s hi end technology related. There is no time for friends and family get together. Hence you benefit from such a kind of tourism abundantly

  • It makes for a perfect family and friends get together
  • Farm tourism also works well with MICE tourism as it includes several activities which can involve group work.
  • Farm tourism is also an opportunity to meet new people
  • Farm tourism is the safest means to stay close to nature and it is an important aspect for children these days who only get to see more concrete all around the populated city

Your contribution
You can contribute in many ways to encourage responsible tourism as the farm tourism.

  • You make a return visit and help promote farm tourism
  • Word of mouth and other means of advertisement will help improve farm tourism.

Rural and farm tourism are gradually gaining popularity. The freshness of the air and the rejuvenated feeling you get from the fresh and unadulterated environment of the rural side has appealed to many and the cravings for farm tourism especially in Wayanad is gradually seen an increase. Hence it’s only best to say farm tourism in Wayanad is packed with experiences and entertainments of a different kind that you should definitely make attempts to try and visit.