Wayanad tourism attractions

Wayanad tourism attractions ar the winding roads leading to Wayanad, the steep hair pin bends, the lush greenery of the tea estates, the chasing mist, chillness in the air, tall standing trees spread like a canopy, the myriad natural attractions of Wayanad so on and so forth are all so captivating that you will feel shear bliss when you plan a trip to Wayanad, a glorious place that Gods own country houses in its belly. Ideal for a honeymoon trip or and adventure tour, Wayand has so much to offer that you can just plan and all the places of attraction, excitement and adventure will just unfurl for you to visit and savor the natural beauty of everything serene, picturesque and natural  in Wayanad.

Some of the prime tourist’s destinations in Wayand you should stop and visit are;

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura sagar dam boating

The largest earth dam, Banasura is hotspot picnic destination in Wayanad popular with locals and tourists. Located in the foothills of Banasura hills, the dam gets its name from the son of Famous Kerala ruler king Mahabali whose name was Banasura. The dam caters to the irrigation and drinking requirement in the region. Massive stacks of stones and boulders make up the dam and add to its rustic appearance.  The dam’s reservoir houses some naturally formed islands. These islands have increased the popularity of the Banasura Sagar dam by becoming additional tourist spots for travelers to pay a visit.
In close vicinity lies the Karalad Lake which is another prime attraction in the region. The Dam area serves as a prime source for hydroelectric power. Hence the tourism department has taken initiative to promote hydel tourism in the region.  Different kinds of boating facilities like the peddle boat, row boat etc. have been introduced to engage and entertain tourists.  You can also plan a trek or visit the nearby small natural park. The tall standing trees with their natural swing offer entertainment of a different kind.

Kuruva Island

A cluster of islands surrounded around the Kabini River in Wayanad houses the Kuruva islands in a protected river delta.  Rich in its flora and fauna the island is evergreen and possesses an atmosphere of tranquility and calmth. The island offers several interesting aspects like the bridges made of bamboo trees, presence of rare species of trees etc. Surrounded by streams the island offers boat rides and rafts for you to tour around these clusters of islands which would take a lot of time otherwise to visit.  Trekking is a favorite with adventure travelers especially in the islands. Situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Mananthavady, Kuruva island is a hot spot destination that’s a must visit in Wayanad.

Pookottu lake

Pookode Lake

Situated amidst lush green evergreen forests and the WesternGhats is the mesmerizing white water lake – Pookode Lake. This forty meter deep lake is a popular tourist spot in Wayanad. With greenery seen as a dominating aspect around the lake a visit to the Pookode Lake tops the chart in wayanad tour package. Besides the greenery it’s the calm and serene atmosphere of the region that’s captivating. You can feel rejuvenated and fresh. The vast spread of greenery, the sightings of the blue water lilies, the jumping monkey and the rare variety of cyprind fish found only here make PookodeLake a place with lot to offer to its tourists. Boating facilities especially the Kashmiri houseboat style calledShikharashave added to the lakesentertainment quotient.

Additionally you can also visit the Mishanga wildlife sanctuary, Chembra peak, Edakkal caves, Thirunellitemple,Chembra peak so on and so forth. Wayanad is a storehouse of all things beautiful and you should invest a good amount of time to explore its secrets making every moment count that you spend in Wayanad