Wayanad tour packages from Pune

Wayanad tour packages from Pune offers an eclectic collection of places leaving you with a gamut of choices to select from as far as tourist attraction spots are concerned. Pune offers tourist hot spots that still hold a lot of old world charm. The list of historically important places and the places depicting art and the artists precision work in the tall standing historical monuments will leave you amazed at such meticulous artistry. Pune is a place with a well-blended concoction of natural facade, historical structures, art, architecture and religion. After witnessing the gamut of attractions in Pune and heading o Wayanad will offer you a tour experience beyond description in words.

Wayanads steep u bend roads will give you Goosebumps and just the drive to reach the main junction will offer you so much exhilaration, bitter sweet feeling, refreshing feeling from the plush green surroundings that you will begin to find the entire experience mystical. The surrounding plantations, the aroma of the coffee and spices, the freshness in the air, the mist clad mountains and the tall standing trees make your trip to Wayanad from Pune a memorable one. The experience you take back from this tour package will leave you with no words to describe.

Travel and time

There are no direct flights or train to Wayanad from Pune. Your best option is to take a flight or train from Pune to Bangalore and board a bus. You can also opt for cab or self-drive car from Bangalore to Wayanad.  The total distance from Pune to Bangalore is approximately 745 kilometers and from Bangalore to Wayanad it’sapproximately 260 kilometers. Depending on the traffic conditions and delay the travel time would vary anywhere between 19 to 22 hours to reach Wayanad from Pune.

Places to visit in Pune

Pune offers its visitors a taste of an old world. There are several places with quaint charm and some modern enough to suit the eyes of its visitors. From historical forts to religious structures Pune offers all the tourists a choice of places that will leave a lasting impression. Some of the places still worth visiting are:

  • Neelkantheswar temple is a beautiful destination that makes for a splendid weekend getaway.
  • Nehru memorial hall
  • Ohel David Synagogue popularly known as Red temple is an architectural wonder. The gothic style of the synagogue is dedicated to Jewish community.
  • Tribal cultural museum is a treasure trove of tribal jewelry, artifacts and community belongings.
  • Shani wada fort is believed to be haunted hence it’s a curious tourist destination that many hold mixed feelings about paying  a visit
  • Bhuleshwar temple offers architectural galore & Parvati temple offers a vantage point to watch the entire city of Pune
  • National war museum is a landmark in Pune that was  built in 1997
  • Surrounded by the Sahyadris, Rajgad fort is major tourist attraction center in Pune
  • Peshwa Udhyan is ideal place to take a break not just for tourists but also for the locals who need to take a break from the craziness of their mundane busy life. It natural scenic beauty offers calmth and peace to the preoccupied mind.
  • Patleshwar cave temple holds a lot of resemblance to the Elephanta Island. The temple is a protected monument in Pune. The temple attracts several devotees who visit the temple for Shiva lingampuja.
  • With a capacity to hold nearly 55000 people Subrata Roy Sahar stadium is a state of the art stadium in Pune that will leave you awe struck
  • Bhīma Shankar temple is a revered religious site and attracts pilgrims
  • For a curious tourist, researcher or relics collector – Sinhagad fort is a place that’s a must visit. You can discover a lot of history about the forts glorious past and its importance to Pune.
  • Another green and luscious garden that’s a must visit for tourists in Pune is Pu La Deshpande Udhyan.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Udhyan also known as Bund garden houses migratory birds when the winter is around the corner. Additionally it offers an ambience that’s relaxing and peaceful to the mind.
  • Witnessing tourist round the clock throughout the year, Korigad fort is a tourist attraction spot in Pune. It offers beautiful sightseeing options and is considered as a prime tourist destination in Pune.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers Malshej ghat is a place considered as haven for adventurers and a blissful experience for nature lovers.
  • Manas lake is an amusement park with a resort in vicinity making the place an absolute treat
  • You must visit the Butterfly conservatory called the Butterfly garden
  • Home to exotic collection of flora and fauna the Bhimshankar wildlife sanctuary is an attraction tourist spot in Pune
  • For nature enthusiasts the Empress garden in Pune is an ideal destination to visit and watch the rare species of trees and flowers
  • Lenyadri caves is a must visit destination for tourists touring Pune. The Lenyadri cave is a beautiful place with collection of 30 caves built by Buddhist monks in ancient times. The sight of the caves is splendid.
  • The temple of Pune Girijatmaka, Shri Narayani dham and the Jain temple are prime pilgrims destination for believers of Hindu gods.
  • Rajiv Gandhi zoological park and Kamla Nehru Park are equally interesting attraction places in Pune.
  • Mulshi Lake and dam and Sambhaji Park are tranquil spots for you to visit and savor the green beauty of Pune.

 Places of attraction Wayanad

Wayanads serene atmosphere and ambience holds a haven of attraction placesthat appeal to everybody’s taste buds. Some of the prime attraction places in Wayanad are:

  • The wildlife sanctuary
    • Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary
    • Pakshipatahalam
    • Wayanad wildlife sanctuary
    • Muthanga wildlife sanctuary
  • Homestays & rural tour
    • Chekkadi tribal village
    • Thrikkakipetta
    • Attapadi tribal village
    • Kabani Theeram
    • Vythiri
  • The majestic mountains
    • Chembra peak
    • Ambukuthi mala
    • Neelimala view point
    • Phantom rock
    • Lakkidi view point
  • Wayanad dams
    • Banasura Sagar dam & lake are treated as a top notch tourist destination that’s a must visit in Wayanad. The dam is the biggest in Kerala and the second largest in India. The dam stands on Banasura Lake and is situated amidst the Banasura hills. The region offers you boating facilities and a picturesque view that keep you well entertained during your trip the Banasura attractions.
    • Karapuzha dam is another big earthdam in Wayanad and is partially submerged amidst hills and green islands
  • Edakkal caves
  • Pazhassi park and tomb
  • Kuruwadweep island
  • Wayanad lakes
    • Pookot Lake
    • Banasura lake
    • Karlad lake
  • The waterfalls
    • Soochipara
    • Chetalayam
    • Kanthanpara
    • Meenmutty
  • Chain tree
  • Jain temple
  • Wayanad heritage museum in Amabalavayal houses Wayanads cultural and heritage collections, 16th century tribal artifacts which also includes collectibles that were used for farming.
  • For speed boating entertainments Kalpetta is a go to destination in Wayanad.
  • More than 3000 years old the Thirunelli temple is an important pilgrim’s destination in Wayanad. In close vicinity is the Papanasini River which is believed to have healing powers and a dip in the river helps cleanse you mind and soul.
  • Kuruva islands or Kuruvadweep as it is popularly known as is a famous picnic spot and houses a good number of flora and fauna

    Pune and Wayanad

    From a commercially evolved place like Pune that still holds in its belly places of historical importance, natural escapades, scenic hillocks and entertainment centers to the picturesque and serene surroundings of Wayanadyour tour package to both these places will only be an interesting trip. From the concoction of caves and temple of Pune to the jungle safari and exciting elephant camps of Wayanad this tour package will sure leave you with a holiday experience with a lot of sightseeing and rejuvenated feeling. Pune’s commercially successful attraction spot to Wayanads successful idea of sustainable tourism will offer you a wide variety of holiday experience from just two different locations.