Wayanad tour packages from Magalapuram

Mangalore is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka that is located close to prime tourist destinations. Wayanad tour packages from Magalapuram offers you a gamut of attractions, sightseeing and memorable experience. The trip you plan from Mangalapuram to Wayanad demands two to three days so you can cover a vast area of attractions.  

Travel and Time

Approximately nine hour drive from Mangalapuram will take you to Wayanad. From fast running plain roads to steep and dangerous u-pin bends leading to Wayanad give you a taste of an exciting road trip. From plains to the lush greenery of the winding roads leading to Wayanad add to the excitement of the tour. 

Places to see in Mangalapuram

The closest tourist destination from Mangalapuram is Trivandrum. All attraction spots for visitors of Mangalapuram often head to Trivandrum to enjoy a fulfilled sightseeing. At a distance of 9.8 kilometers the nearest railways station is at Trivandrum and at a 17 kilometer distance is the nearest airport again at Trivandrum. Mangalapuram is like a central spot from whereyou can decide to visit several tourist destinations that are located in close vicinity such as:

  • Trivandrum for a comprehensive city tour, heritage  and culture tour
  • Varkala for beach holidays and religious tours
  • Ponmudi for a picturesque mountain tour
  • Kovalam for a romantic honeymoon tour or carefree beach visit.
  • Go shopping and get blessings while touring Mangalapuram
    • Visit Mullamanagalam temple
    • Visit Thekkevilakam Devi temple
    • Enjoy an evening shopping at the Mangalapuram market

Places to visit in Wayanad

Wayanad known for its picturesque locales and serene atmosphere has been a favorite with tourists across the globe. The region offers so many attractions that you will never return without memories that will leave a lasting impression on your mind. Outdoor trail an initiative to promote sustainable tourism in Wayanad has appealed to the likings of several travelers and in addition to its serene beauty. The several places of attractions that are worth visiting in Wayanad are:

  • Hydel tour
    • The Banasura Sagar dam is a natural earth dam that’s largest and of great importance not Just to Kerala but entire India
    • Its surrounding region offers a perfect spot for a family picnic and friends get together, offering a picturesque view of the water and the towering mountains.
    • Boating facilities like paddling, row boating etc. have been arranged for in order to entertain the visitors
    • A nearby children’s park provides all the entertainment required for children
  • The waterfalls of Wayanad are a treat to the naked eye. They offer a picturesque surrounding that pleases the mind and soul.
    • Soochipara falls
    • Chethalayam falls
    • Meenmutty falls
  • Adventure tour
    • Trek to Chembra peak, located near meppadi, the peak is the tallest in the region and offers exhilarating experience
    • Neelimala is a trekkers delight and is another splendid destination for adventure seekers
      • The top view of Meenmutty falls from Neelimala makes the tedious trek to the mountain a rewarding one.
    • A place of interest for outdoor enthusiasts and researchers, the forest of Pakshipathalam is another intriguing destination hidden in the Brahmagiri hills.
      • The caves in the Brahmagiri hills houses rare species of migratory birds, animals and plants.
  • Visit Edakkal caves
  • Enjoy a stroll at Pazhassi park and visit the Pazhassi tomb
  • Stay in homestays and enjoy the countryside tour
    • Taste the local dishes
    • Enjoy a stay in the tree houses
    • Savor the taste of nature inspired resorts that offer untouched excitement and adventure with exciting adventure activities

The choice of places to visit and explore are in plenty starting from Mangalapuram to Wayanad. The combinations of these two places make for exciting tour destination that’s worth your money.