Wayanad tour packages from Coorg

Heavens select places on the planet earth that one should plan a trip to, at least once, are Coorg and Wayanad. Wayanad tour packages from Coorg, both the places have such mysticism and quaint charm about their appearance that many have come back to witness the hidden secrets of the two mystical places repeatedly.

Chill weather, mist clad mountains, coffee plantations, natural beauty, adventurous attraction, panoramic views, romantic hangouts so on and so forth- both Coorg and Wayanad have so much to offer in terms of tourist attractions that you will need innumerable days to explore a way out of these mystically captivating places.
There are several tour packages from Wayanad to Coorg and vice versa that you can avail to enjoy a comfortable trip to these wonderlands.


IF travelling by train most tour packages will make arrangement for your pick up from Mysore railway station after your overnight journey from Chennai. From Mysore station you will head out to Coorg in a car or taxi according to the option you choose. Once you check in to your hotel in Coorg the next best thing to do is to get off for an outing and explore Coorgs attraction. Some of the attractions are:

  • Cauvery Nisargadhama
  • Harangi Dam
  • Dubare forest
  • Golden temple
  • Abbi falls
  • Omkareshwara temple
  • Bhagamandala
  • Rajaseat
  • Falls in Coorg

Iruppu falls

Abbey falls

  • The Tibetan Monastery
  • Coffee plantation tour
  • Souvenir shopping
    • Souvenirs ranging from handicraft items, bamboo and jut items can be bought as memorabilia from Coorg
    • Madikere is where you can see a larger number of tourists flocking and enjoy a stroll and indulging themselves in a shopping spree.

Once you’ve visited to your hearts content the beautiful attraction of Coorg the next in the itinerary is another visit to a fantasy land- Wayanad. The winding roads of both Coorg and Wayanad add excitement to your journey. The emerald green spreads of the plantations are absolutely rejuvenating. Wayanad and Coorg are two destinations that make your tour both adventurous and exciting. Some of the hotspot destinations to visit in Wayanad are:

  • Edakkal caves
  • Wayanad also houses several historically significant locales that bring to life the glorious past of Wayanad. Some of the historically important places to visit in Wayanad are:
    • Pazhassi rajas tomb
    • Wayanad heritage museum
    • Pazhassi caves
    • Jain temple at Panamaram
    • Sulthan Bathery Jain temple
  • For excitement and adventure Wayanads rugged terrain sets a perfect  trail for trekking, hiking and forest walks
    • Neelimala view point
    • Sunrise Valley
    • Lakkiddi ghat pass
    • Chembra peak
  • The majestic falls
    • Soochipara falls
    • Meenmutty falls
    • Banasura falls
    • Kanthanpara falls

      Eco tour programmes

Both Wayanad and Coorg cater to eco tour programmes that do not hinder the natural ambience of the places. Both Wayanad and Coorg offer to its visitors

  • Nature camps and nature walks
  • Organic farming tour
  • Eco lodging options
  • Spice plantation tours
  • Countryside tours
  • Bird watching    
  • At Wayanad some of the additional eco programmes that are conducted are
    • Medicinal garden visit
    • Watch tower stay
    • Tribal folklore
    • At Muthanga and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary you can watch
      • The rare species of flora and fauna
      • Catch a glimpse of the Elephants, tiger, leopards and other wild animals
      • Enjoy an elephant camp visit by bathing the elephants, watching their master take care of them and a chance to feed them if allowed by the elephants caretaker

Both Coorg and Wayanad offer a perfect option for any tourist to enjoy recreational tour, adventure tour, heritage tour, Historic tour, Pilgrim tour and seasonal tours. The forest spread of both Wayanad and Coorg are captivating and lure you to explore its rich bounty of flora and fauna. The local delicacies of the two regions do justice to the environment and help tourists promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Both regions hold a plethora of all things beautiful, natural and true to its original form. The medley of these two regions in a tour packages is undoubtedly an exciting and adventurous one.