Wayanad tour packages from Chennai

Wayanad tour packages from Chennai to Wayanad can be exhilarating. To start with there are no direct connectivity from Chennai to Wayanad either by flight or train.  Karipore international airport at Kozhikode is the nearest airport that connects Chennai to Wayanad. You will need to pay additionally for a taxi drive from the airport or train station in order to reach Wayanad. Calicut or Mysore is the nearest train stations where you can get off to head towards Wayanad. A cost of either 2000 rupees or 1000 rupees will be the amount you will need to pay to reach your mystical destination. You can also avail deluxe buses that frequent Wayanad.

There are no direct train, bus or flight services to Wayanad. Whatever options of travel you choose you have to invariably change two vehicles.

Visiting time

Wayanad is best to be avoided during the months of August. The monsoon showers make the slopy and rugged terrain of Wayanads winding roads and resorts uncomfortable to tour around hampering your trip. However if you like the mild drizzles and monsoon showers than there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying the pristine beauty of Wayanad.

Wayanad attractions

Wayanad is known for its quaint charm and mysticism. From deep gorges, head spinning deep valleys, majestic mountains, and panoramic views to crystal clear islands- Wayanad is a place for honeymooners to explore, adventure travellers to get lost and leisure travellers to drown in its plethora of attractions.

You can enjoy staying at the nature inspired resorts and ayurvedic villages

Some tour packages offer you money back guarantee if you do not spot an elephant in your Wayanad tour

Many places of attraction in Wayanad are in close distance hence you can walk around and reach these places simultaneously enjoying a good hike or for effortless excitement hire a car.

Some of the prime tourist destinations you can visit in Wayanad are:

Banasura Sagar dam, Pakshipathalam, Kuruva islands, Chethalayam, Meenmutty, Chembra peak, Lakkidi, Sunrise valley, Edakkal caves, Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Kanthanpara, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary.


The stay options in Wayanad are mind blowing. You can always choose your facilities depending on your budget but it’s recommended that stay options at Wayanad are best enjoyed in rooms that are made to accommodate you in a natural fashion.

Most resorts without hampering the natural ambience a have worked their way around to build room facilities around the natural objects instead of chopping them off. Tree houses have made for an exciting stay option in Wayanad. Several resorts have made use of bamboo to make the staircase to get up the tree house.

Best part about the tree top rooms is that they are well laden with amenities. You can find most of the time the rooms are stocked with a fully stocked mini bar, LCD, toilet provisions so on and so forth.

Different kinds of packages offer different attraction ensemble depending on your budget. From the maddening hot weather of Chennai to the contrasting cool and pleasant weather of Wayanad, your Chennai to Wayanad trip will offer you a tour experience that will not just cool your mind but also take you to a world of mystery, splendid beauty and Picturesque memories.