Wayanad places of interest

Wayanad places of interest are the steep winding roads offering chillness in the air, frozen feeling on your hands, yet the steep bend in the roads and the numbing impact of the romantic weather doesnot deter a true nature enthusiast to visit Wayanad. The plush greenery is so captivating that it will lure any traveler to revisit Wayanads natural façade. 

Wayanad has a gamut of attraction that make for spectacular tourist spots. Wayanad remains unhindered by maddening commercialization like several other hot spot tourist destinations that are at the verge of losing their natural charm. Wayanad however has managed to be in the good hands of caring tourism promoters who have gone out of their ways to promote sustainable and responsible tourism along with ecotourism.

Places of attraction in Wayanad

Wayanad has several places of attraction that would appeal to a nature enthusiast, leisure traveler and honeymooner. There is something to for everybody visiting Wayanad. Some of the prime tourist spots worth visiting in Wayanad are:

  • The mountainous beauties of Wayanad
    • Chembra peak the highest peak in Wayanad district
    • Called gateway of Wayanad, Lakkidi view point is another beautiful terrain you should visit.
    • Cheengeri Mala also popularly known as Phantom rock is an interesting place to visit for tourists. The shape of the rock that appears like a skull is what makes Phantom rock a hot spot destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
    • A perfect spot offering picturesque surroundings, Neelimala point is another interesting destination to be at.
    • Ambukutty Mala
  • Themultitierwaterfalls of Wayanad are a reward for trekkers who cross the perilous forest trails only to reach a spot with such beauteous sight. For nature lovers the falls are a beautiful place to be at
    • Chethalayam waterfalls
    • Kanthanpara waterfalls
    • Meenmutty waterfalls
    • Soochipara waterfalls
  • The wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad are home to several rare species of flora and fauna. Wayanads sanctuaries are home to Asiatic elephants and also a reserve for the tigers. You can enjoy elephant safari, Jeep safari, trek, hike and nature walks in the sanctuary with the help of an assisted guide.
    • Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary
    • Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary
    • Muthanga wildlife sanctuary
  • Natural escapades of Wayanad also hold a lot of history and myth about their existence. They also make for very interesting attraction spots in Wayanad.
    • Edakkal caves houses several prehistoric wall paintings that leave its visitor in complete awe.
    • History comes to life when you visit the tomb of great king Pazhassi Raja. The Pazhassi Raja tomb brings back the great historic battle fought against the British and the warfare techniques used by the brave king until he breathe his last in the forest after being killed. His body was brought to the locale which now is his tomb and is a constant reminder of the king’s mighty battle fought.
    • Papanashini at Tholpetty holds another mythical story about its cleansing powers that lures pilgrims from different corners of the country who believe in taking a dip in the waters of the river to do a complete soul cleansing.
    • Thirunelli temple and the Verambetta mosque are the religious attractions in Wayanad that lure not just pilgrims but leisure travelers too.
  • Countryside tours and homestays have earned a lot of popularity in Wayanad. The experience of countryside, living in huts and thatched houses, adapting the ways of life and relishing the food of the locals in Wayanad helps you in acquainting yourself with new people, new culture and a clean atmosphere of the countryside.
    • Kabani Theeram is an initiative by Kerala tourism department to promote rural tour in Wayanad
    • Chekkadi tribal village stay coupled with deep forest treks, coconut, tea, bamboo and coffee plantation tours and the natural aura of the hills make this stay an exciting one.
    • Homestay experience with similar and more excitements bundled together are offered in Thrikkaipetta village and Attapadi tribal village too.
    • During your stay in the village you can even part take in their folklores and folk dances that are specially performed in order to entertain you – the guests to the village.

Wayanad is an eco destination that suits the taste buds of any traveler planning a tour to a place that offers tranquility and serenity and an experience that’s soothing and takes your mind away from the clusters of your busy city life.Additionally Wayanad also promotes responsible tourism that ensures the benefits of the finances received from tourists go directly to its rightful owners- the residents and tribal coordinators of Wayanads villages. The originality of Wayanads natural ambience has so far been well preserved.