Wayanad honeymoon trips

Wayanad honeymoon trips offer land of beautiful landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, historic places, wildlife, panoramic views, unique flora and fauna, towering mountains and a lot of excitement is what the northern district of Kerala Wayanad is about. From spices, tea estates and coffee plantations to myriad natural attraction spots make wayanad a romantic destination with several pretty secrets to unfold. Wayanad remains a place least infested with modern day amenities thereby retaining its original image of everything natural and true to its original form. The fact that it still has a substantial number of tribal populations as dominant occupants of the land is a surprising fact. However the tribal still follow the age old tribal ways of living surviving on the forest for their livelihood. Surprisingly enough has been done in Wayanad to promote responsible tourism hence it’s a cycle of well-balanced give and take as far as tourism in Wayanad is concerned.

The locals and their means of entertainment are increasingly used in your accommodation facilities, food served and tour operated. Hence the eco balance of the environment doesn’t get hampered, the locals manage to make their living off of what you pay them directly and that in return reduces the need for them to deplete the natural resources of Wayanad. As an end result what you get is and experience with a difference. Imagine a honeymoon tour amidst unknown territories, with the help of an assisted guide taking you down an exciting hike or exhilarating trek you will just find yourself amidst all the unknown excitement you’d not even planned for.

The resorts with the local cuisines and natural ambience of the woods and meadows make even a simple dinner romantic, imagine what would your experience be if the authorities knew you were on your honeymoon to Wayanad- You should be prepared for more romantic surprises.

Honeymoon destinations in Wayanad

Wayanad has a mélange of places to visit that caters to the taste buds of all types of travelers- adventure, casual, nature walk, treks and more. For honeymooners some of the recommended places are Kuruva islands, Banasura Sagar dam, Vythiri resort, Sulthan bathery, Kalpetta, Edakkal caves, Pazhassi tomb and the surrounding gardens, The vast number of waterfalls- Soochipara, Meenmutty, Chethalayam, Kanthanpara and more, The green lush tea estates, the coffee and spice plantations, Mishanga and Muthanga wildlife sanctuary so on and so forth.

Wayanad has a welcoming weather during the months of October through May.  These months are recommended as the best time for tourists and honeymooners to plan a trip for sightseeing, nature walks, and wildlife tour so on and so forth. However with changing likings honeymooners too who wish to include nature watch in their honeymoon trip is recommended from the months of June through September to plan their honeymoon or leisure tour. June through September are the months when Wayanad also witnesses rainfall which can be moody from normal to sporadic  monsoons in Wayanad can come with a lot of surprise. Hence honeymooners who look forward to such a surprise can always plan a tour during the monsoon season and enjoy Wayanads rainy surprise.