Wayanad adventurous activities

When you plan a trip to Wayanad you can be sure of the fact that it is more than a pretty place with picturesque winding roads and romantic weather. Wayanad is a place to plan a vacation to for newly married couples and adventure seekers alike. Wayanad adventurous activities offer the wilderness of the wild and the history that offers you surprising learning’s about the place are added perquisites you can benefit from while touring Wayanad. 

Wayanad is a place for several activities that appeals to the taste buds of adventure seeker, mellow watcher and a leisure vacationer. So if you are the kind who has an acquired taste for traveling and an inclination to get up close to nature and wild, wish to take a break from the nerve racking pounding of head with the mundane work schedule- Wayanad is where you need to plan a trip to and shake of all that stress.

The resorts in Wayanad are different and unique and of course come with a lofty price tag. You sure can find some place to stay at an affordable cost and you’d definitely not be disappointed. Resorts have been placed in a manner that they do not tamper anything natural around them. So most of the resorts, almost all of the resorts in Wayanad ensure the eco concepts are respected to the tee.

Given the natural ambience the settings have placed the best background for adventure sport activities within the resorts. Some resorts arrange both soft adventure as well as hardcore maddening excitement by letting you off in the wild, of course either with a tour guide or some assistance.

Tree house stays

Some resorts offer you the excitement of adventurous stay in a well-equipped tree house. This style of accommodation in India is rare and has certainly placed Wayanad on the list of places with exciting accommodation options. Imagine living in a tree house that’s well equipped with modern day amenities and still offers you firsthand experience of nature. The rainforest serves as a canopy and the abundantly growing bamboo make for excellent flooring, ladders and more. While some tree houses offer you a panoramic view of the forest and the birds, some offer you an aromatic and splendid view of the coffee plantation.

Resort Offers

So while you decide to stay at Wayanad you can enjoy several adventure activities that will simply enthrall you.

  • Enjoy Angling & net fishing
  • Enjoy an adventure trek & hike
  • Sports activities like tug of war, archery, campfire are additional excitements
  • Special adventure activities like
    • River crossing
    • Commando walking
    • Jummaring & mountain biking
    • Bamboo rafting
    • Zorbing
    • Snake awareness program
    • Burma bridge
  • Soft adventure activities like:
    • Zip line
    • Tire walk
    • Rope ladder
    • Archery
  • Other adventures like
    • Rafting
    • Wildlife safari
    • Four wheel drive
    • Jeep safari
  • Meditation  & rejuvenation programs like
    • Yoga
    • Ayurvedic spa
    • Rejuvenation therapy

 The zip lines are the most exciting activity that even a not so adventurous person would simply enjoy. When you slide down the line watching the plantations of spices and coffee below you, that elated feeling of momentarily feeling like a superhero cannot be described in words.

Most of the well-heeled resorts in Wayanad have gone an extra mile in ensuring these activities and adventure funs were included in the tour package. Some of the activities though are free and some attract an additional cost.

Some of the resorts include the holistic system of treatment and ayurvedic treatments are the best to relieve you from the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Some of the resorts have these well thought out ayurvedic massages for their guests to relive them from not just  the stress of their harried living but also the fatigues and stress from all the adventure activity you are involved in while enjoying adventure tour in Wayanad.