Wayanad adventure tour

Wayanad is a land of several surprises. Wayanad adventure tour from a quaint mystical charm that lures honeymooners to rugged and rustic terrain that’s exhilarating for an adventure seeker or the cooing and singing of territory and migratory birds that’s act as pied piper captivating a nature enthusiast and bird watchers undivided attention.  A list of things can be jotted down singing praises about the places and attractions Wayanad houses and holds that brings in repeat tourists year after year. It is no doubt that those who’ve visited Wayanad have only words of praises for this place. Ask any adventurer and he or she will not coy away from describing the beauty and the beasty routes of wayanad.

You perhaps wouldn’t even realize how smoothly your normal tour in Wayanad can turn into an adventure spree. Adventure tour in Wayanad is a class apart from all the other tour packages you will enjoy otherwise while in Wayanad. The places that lead you into an adventure trail and also double up as places of attraction are in plenty but the primary ones that are worth a visit are:

Banasura Sagar dam

Housed in the shadow of the Banasura Hill, you will find the Banasura sagar dam. India’s largest earth dam the Banasura dam is a successful initiative by the Kerala tourism department to promote hydel tourism. The surroundings of the dam offer a picturesque view. The surrounding mini formations of islands serve as effect picnic spot. Boat rides have made the place all the more exciting. Banasura island retreat serves as a prime base for treks to the gorgeous Meenmutty falls. Pedal boats and speed boats have earned the likings of many and the rides to the islands in the same have just doubled the excitement

The Falls

A trek to the jaw dropping waterfalls that reek of beauty personified as foamy waterfall  just add excitement and serves as an ultimate reward after a long tiring trek through the forest thickets. The sentinel rocks fall's hits the granite base and its three tiers make you look at it in awe. But it’s the adventurers who have more to benefit as they choose the road not taken and that’s the tiring and tedious trek all the way to either Soochipara, the nearby Kanthanpara, or a one and half kilometer hike to Meenmutty from Vaduvanchal. A view of the falls especially the Meenmutty from Sunrise valley or Meenmutty heights is splendid and to catch a glimpse of this 984 sqft drop is what keeps the adventurer in you going through the rugged trek trail.

Wildlife safari

The vast spread of wild forest in Muthanga and Tholpetty make Wayanad wildlife sanctuary a haven for everything adventurous. Home to Asiatic elephants, you can enjoy a stomach gurgling safari ride on these elephants, watch them bathe and do so yourself feed them and understand everything about elephants. For the faint hearted mini vans and bus rides through the hillocks are available so you can catch a glimpse of these elephants. Jeep safari s is available too for the macho maniac in you. A rugged drive around the small hillocks spread across the forest make the four wheel drive an adventurous and exhilarating one. Besides Asiatic elephants you can catch a glimpse of several territorial and migratory birds and animals and rare species of flora and fauna.

Cycling through the plantations

While at Wayanad have adventure fun by enjoying some customized expeditions through the emerald green tea plantations. A day or two spent worthwhile exploring the tea estates and understanding the nitty gritties of the plantations will take your cycling expedition to a whole new level of excitement. Cycle away if you have all that energy to watch the spice plantations of Thekkady, make a stopover past the lake to enjoy a short mid route picnic, sink in to the spice village of Periyar and take it all slowly when you reach the Periyar tiger reserve on your bicycle. Cycling in wayanad is not for a novice. Try it if you have it in you to go that extra mile.