Wayanad Village tour Sugandagiri Karimkutty

Wayanad Village tour Sugandagiri Karimkutty natural and beautiful facade has captivated the minds of many travelers who’ve decided to take the road not taken to its mystery laden lands. There is so muchto explore and relish that you would need to spend enormous amount of time to learn and savor every moment and object of beauty at Wayanad. Besides its beautiful waterfalls, trek trails, towering mountains, emerald green tea estates, coffee plantations, misty  mornings, chilly winds so on and so forth Wayanad also houses villages that are a journey either to an aromatic land or to the land of soul filled with deep rooted culture and tradition.The two renowned villages that will offer you a phenomenal countryside tour in Wayanad are Sugandhagiri and Karimkutty. For a vacation with a difference rural tour to these villages are highly recommended.

Wayanad Village tour Karimkutty


Located in the KottatharaGrama panchayat offering mystical glimpses of a culture so unique and a lifestyle so modest is the village of Karimkutty where you will feel like being in a world so different from any other countryside across the globe.

What sets apart Karimkutty from other rural tours is the existence of joint family culture which still exists in this village under present times where nuclear families are on rampant rise. The safeguarding of tradition, family culture, rituals and practices of old traditions so on and so forth all make for an intriguingly charming experience. At Karimkutty you can try your hands on fishing, enjoy a walk through the aromatic spice and coffee plantation, stroll through the Areca nut forest, and catch a glimpse of ginger and coconut farms. Karimkutty tour also includes a tour to the silkworm production center where you can enjoy watching the entire process of silk production step by step.

When you tour Karimkutty you get to savor the true spirit of the village life, the unity in which they maintain a huge collective family, the modesty of their lifestyle, the simplicity of their means of livelihood, the sources of their entertainment and the interaction with their local medicinal practitioner.

Wayanad Village tour Sugandagiri


Having earned a lot of popularity as the cardamom project, Sugandhagiri is situated in the Pozhuthana Grama Panchayat.The 260 families that live in the Sugandhagiri village are dedicated towards cardamom plantation and its cultivation. The project was initially intended towards rehabilitating the tribal and it sure has been a success, as in your tour to Sugandhagiri you will find these families well placed, living simple and safe lives on a land spread across 3500 acres. When you tour Sugandhagiri you get to catch a glimpse of these villagers occupied in the production and cultivation work of cardamom. SO besides enjoying the splendor and serenity of Sugandhagiri you can also engage in a conversation with the locals workers. Your village tour to Sugandhagiri often includes lunch, refreshment, and local tour stay depending on the package you opt for. Under any circumstance the package to these village tours is moderate and convenient including all amenities. Hence this economical village tour offers you a guide’sassistance and a complimentary gift which is a good deal for an economical tour package for a village visit.

At Sugandhagiri you get to enjoy a tour to handicrafts unit- an ideal spot for you to pick up souvenirs and gifts. A visit to the nearby kindergarten – Aanganvadi for the kids of the cardamom project workers is a treat to watch. Enroute you can catch a glimpse of the sacred groves that reflect how man and nature can actually coexist in harmony without hampering the cycle of life.

A trip to sugandhagiri is filled with excitement and mellow entertainments. From watching the life and lifestyle of the tribal to savoring their delicacies and watching the natural beauty of the village surroundings and several rehabilitation programs to help assist the village occupants and promote sustainable tourism make this village tour a fruitful and satisfying one. You are sure to return with a peaceful and fulfilling feeling of having contributed to nature and society.